Conspiracy Theorists...........!

I have to say that I find conspiracy theorists usually tiresome, and I try to avoid them as far as I can. I remember on one occasion being in the internet room of Serena Hall a long while ago, and I was keeping an eye on some climate change conference on the net. I then talked briefly to a black friend in the vicinity who was of the opinion that it was all hoax. My ears were on fire. I could not believe what I was hearing, and I said I would rather believe in the scientific evidence from credible sources than some conspiracy theorist. He replied with "you would...wouldn't you.!" I then I asked him why he had said what he said!! What followed blew my mind, but I had to control myself. His response was  that certain big businesses wanted to make big money out of producing green products and services. In order to do this, they concocted the idea of climate change, and hence, the possible global warming catastrophe. I never heard such nonsense in my life..I nearly blew my t…

Local Political "Events"....

I have on occasion been to a number of local political "events".....These have included a film at the Labour HQ in Chalvey in connection with the famous strike in Dagenham ....Seeing another  film at the Slough Council entitled The Age of Stupid dealing with Climate Change....Celebrating India's Independence Day at the Hindu Temple...Talking to a Palestinian protest group in the high street..Meeting protesters concerned with making Kashmir an independent state seperate from  India...

On one occasion, a long time ago I met Caroline Lucas (before she became an MP) at a stall in the High Street. I tried to attract her to the great importance of monetary reform. She did not seem to know anything about it, and so I gave her some contacts notably Positive Money.

There used to be a series of talks in St Marys Church on political issues notably by the "disbanded" Fenner Brockway "group."It attracted a number of famous people such as Tony Benn. Also, I seem t…

The Writer

The Pentacle

For a brief period of time in the 1980s I used to publish articles on yoga, and esotericism. The first magazine I had brief sucess with was The Pentacle. This was not meant for the popular audience, but essentially for those who might be regarded as scholarly minded. It had a print run of only 2,000 copies. I  had sent some articles on Meher Baba, the Brahma Kumaris, Hare Krishna,  and Kundalini all of which were accepted, and appeared in the magazine.

My main beef though with the Pentacle was not the quality of the articles which tended to be pretty good, but rather the illustrations. These appeared to be too amateurish from my point of view. As a response, I sent in some of my more skilled artwork which Mr Potter the editor described as being "superb." One of my line and ink drawings was that of the famous image of Madame Blavatsky staring out into the world with her magnetic eyes. She was quite a character to put it mildly.  Another line and ink drawing was …

The Polish

There has been a growing number of Polish people coming to the UK. Slough has a large number of them. They  are noted for their hardwork. In Windsor I used to know a Polish family in the 1970s. I knew their daughter quite well.

Dan Dolinsky the head of this family fought in World War II, and attacked Germans tanks on horseback! He was also awarded a medal for bravery for saving someone's life at the time. He was also being helped to integrate into British culture by my pater, and others.

Once I had an uncle but not a real one. He was called uncle Edmund, and lived with his English wife Phyllis in Woodley in Reading. He was nice fellow, but suffered from certain personal problems. Tragically, he died in 1972 in a car crash...with a milk float! I always remember for whatever reason my return from school, and discovered that my parents were not in, and thus, went next door to see Beryl..who broke the news.

There is an "odd" story which I might as well mention. Whilst in Sp…

The Thinker


The Facebook Experience

For many years on a virtually daily basis I have been using Facebook essentially as a tool of research. It is an absolute goldmine of information which can be helpful in the development of my key projects of Transfinancial Economics, Multi-Dimensional Science, the Universal Debating Project, Contemporary Early Music, and other matters. It is ofcourse ideal for networking with people with similar interests.