Thursday, 20 September 2018

Conspiracy Theorists...........!

I have to say that I find conspiracy theorists usually tiresome, and I try to avoid them as far as I can. I remember on one occasion being in the internet room of Serena Hall a long while ago, and I was keeping an eye on some climate change conference on the net. I then talked briefly to a black friend in the vicinity who was of the opinion that it was all hoax. My ears were on fire. I could not believe what I was hearing, and I said I would rather believe in the scientific evidence from credible sources than some conspiracy theorist. He replied with "you would...wouldn't you.!" I then I asked him why he had said what he said!! What followed blew my mind, but I had to control myself. His response was  that certain big businesses wanted to make big money out of producing green products and services. In order to do this, they concocted the idea of climate change, and hence, the possible global warming catastrophe. I never heard such nonsense in my life..I nearly blew my top!... and my friend realizing this....quickly left the room. So, we have to believe that respected and credible scientists such as those in NASA are talking utter drivel, and making things up? Why would they want to risk their hard earned reputation by telling colossal porkies in cahoots with some "hidden" business agenda!! To use the American expression"I don't buy it!" It was beyond the joke, and I felt intellectually insulted.

Ofcourse, I am not saying that all conspiracy theories are false. There are some genuine ones, but a  good proportion of them spewing onto the internet are due to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of information, bad research, and fantasist type thinking.

However, I do have a theory that some of the ideas concerning the Illuminati, World Government, shapeshifting aliens etc may have some genuine substance in certain alternative realities (like ours), and these are sometimes confused by some people with happenings in the "real"  world of our five limited senses. Such confusion is often called madness, but this "madness" may not necessarily be due to purely subjective imagination running "amok."

Once I knew  someone called Paul. He seemed to be living in two "worlds" at once. One may call him a total "fantasist" in that he believed he was being hounded by aliens, UFOs, and the MIBs, or Men-in-Black. On occasion, he, and his long suffering wife were picked up by the police for reasons unknown ...or was he subject to some kind of conspiracy..!!!?

I used to know someone who was working for the local council...but then I discovered that he was well into conspiracy theories. I am afraid we had to part company...

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Local Political "Events"....

I have on occasion been to a number of local political "events".....These have included a film at the Labour HQ in Chalvey in connection with the famous strike in Dagenham ....Seeing another  film at the Slough Council entitled The Age of Stupid dealing with Climate Change....Celebrating India's Independence Day at the Hindu Temple...Talking to a Palestinian protest group in the high street..Meeting protesters concerned with making Kashmir an independent state seperate from  India...

On one occasion, a long time ago I met Caroline Lucas (before she became an MP) at a stall in the High Street. I tried to attract her to the great importance of monetary reform. She did not seem to know anything about it, and so I gave her some contacts notably Positive Money.

There used to be a series of talks in St Marys Church on political issues notably by the "disbanded" Fenner Brockway "group."It attracted a number of famous people such as Tony Benn.

I also have also got a very short blog which may, or may not be extended, and might be of interest.

PS Ofcourse, apart from the serious world of politics I have experienced various entertainments notably in the Slough High Street. Most recently, I was ropped into being a player in a band made up of cardboard instruments, and the like!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Writer

The Pentacle

For a brief period of time in the 1980s I used to publish articles on yoga, and esotericism. The first magazine I had brief sucess with was The Pentacle. This was not meant for the popular audience, but essentially for those who might be regarded as scholarly minded. It had a print run of only 2,000 copies. I  had sent some articles on Meher Baba, the Brahma Kumaris, Hare Krishna,  and Kundalini all of which were accepted, and appeared in the magazine.

My main beef though with the Pentacle was not the quality of the articles which tended to be pretty good, but rather the illustrations. These appeared to be too amateurish from my point of view. As a response, I sent in some of my more skilled artwork which Mr Potter the editor described as being "superb." One of my line and ink drawings was that of the famous image of Madame Blavatsky staring out into the world with her magnetic eyes. She was quite a character to put it mildly.  Another line and ink drawing was notably of Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology. An article on him, and his organisation was also sent, and drew a comment from Mr Potter.  He was keen in exposing Scientology but was concerned about any legal comeback as the Pentacle had little in the way of funds.  Indeed, it was also not selling well, and sadly folded after a short lifespan circa 1985, or thereabouts. Unfortunately, my "superb" illustrations were not returned either...They may have got lost in the post but I will never know.

Yoga Today and Yoga and Healing

Yoga Today was possibly the first, or at least one of the very first magazines trying to popularize Yoga and Meditation in the Western world. Towards the end of 1980s I contributed a number of articles to it in succession for a short period. They were on 3HO Yogi Bhajan, Hare Krishna, the Radhasoami Faith (a two part article), Theosophy, Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj*,  Shiva Bala Yogi, Ananda Marg, TM, Shiva Yoga (Opening the Third Eye), Meher Baba, Swami Sivananda, Rajneesh, Sathya Sai Baba, et cetera. I also did a number of yogic quizzes. This notably included the publication of pen and ink drawings of the faces of certain gurus. One had to name them all correctly to win a prize. Also  some of my other artwork appeared in a number of my published articles. I also transcribed my interviews with Ma Yogashakti, and the famous Swami Chidananda both of whom were visiting London. Some excellent photos of them appeared  in the resulting published articles.

During my stint with Yoga Today I was informed that I could not be paid a fee for my articles as the magazine was not doing too well. Moreover, it was to be re-named Yoga and Healing in an attempt to widen its scope, and reach to a wider audience concerned with alternative medicine.

Brian Netscher who was the editor of Yoga Today itself  once apologized to me about the publication of my article entitled Theosophy Unveiled. The reason being was that he had not edited it, and hence, any spelling and grammatical errors publicly appeared in it...! He claimed that he had not been paid to do his job...! He was later replaced by a lady editor who "headed" Yoga and Healing. She was very easy to get on with, and was always open to suggestions about possible improvements for the magazine from my good self. I even introduced myself to her at some "New Age" exhibition where there was a stand for Yoga and Healing.

One memorable aspect of all  this was contact with Richard Matthews who was keen to get the teachings of Shiva Yoga as taught by Swami Kumarswamiji better known. This involved the opening of the Third Eye. He sent me a whole load of material on the subject via the post. It proved most helpful, and the article was published. Also, my intervention allowed him to successfully get sections of his proposed book on the awakening of the Third Eye published in Yoga, and Healing.

My articles generated quite a bit of feedback some of which were published in the letters section. I also gave my responses to them. These too were published. I also had one letter specifically asking for help in finding "new" guru movements. This got some response notably from a member from the Dayalbagh group who gave my London friend John Pyman a copy of the book by Maharaj Sahab entitled Discourses on Radhasoami Faith. Apart from letters in the public domain  I even did two book reviews as well.. though I could have done a lot more.

During my research into an article connected with Ananda Marg, and  Kriya Yoga I met Mr Friedman in London whose speciality was making industrial films for business. He was an interesting chap, and very helpful. He also seemed upset by the recent death of his guru...who had actually been murdered! I cannot recall his name unfortunately. But this guru had split from Ananda Marg and formed his own group. It is believed that AM as it was sometimes called was responsible for his murder. There is though a lot more I could say on a more positive note but I think what has been said is enough.

*The article on the philosophy of the guru Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj was co-authored with Nadine Wood who produced Soluna which was an influential magazine in its day. What surprised me was that I discovered that her teacher had a connection with the Radhasoami Faith, and used the word Radhasoami in his meditation technique. I met, and interviewed her at home in Amersham very close to Chesham Bois itself. It transpired she was a television researcher among other things, and was keen on spiritual matters. Sadly, I have been informed that Nadine Wood had recently died (2017). She was a very nice lady, and I feel privileged to have met many years ago..

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Polish

There has been a growing number of Polish people coming to the UK. Slough has a large number of them. They  are noted for their hardwork. In Windsor I used to know a Polish family in the 1970s. I knew their attractive daughter very well, and had little, or no dealings with her brother. Dan Dolinsky the head of this family fought in World War II, and attacked Germans tanks on horseback! He was also awarded a medal for bravery for saving someone's life at the time. He was also being helped to integrate into British culture by my pater, and others.

Once I had an uncle but not a real one. He was called uncle Edmund, and lived with his English wife Phyllis in Woodley in Reading. He was nice fellow, but suffered from certain personal problems. Tragically, he died in 1972 in a car crash...with a milk float!. I always remember for whatever reason my return from school, and discovered that my parents were not in, and thus, went next door to see Beryl who broke the news.

There is an "odd" story which I might as well mention. Whilst in Spain one of the historic places I visited as child was the cathedral at Santiago de Compostelo dedicated to St James. I was informed that if I put my fingers into the little "openings" of the stone pillars, and made a wish I would have it answered. In this case, I wished to have a space rocket. As soon as I returned to Britain uncle Edmund made a visit to my home in Windsor. As a present he gave me a space rocket....a toy one ofcourse!

PS  A charming Polish salesman once visited mater, pater, and myself in our Windsor home. He was trying to sell from door to door a course in touch typing. My parents thought this would be a good idea, and I did the Course, and got the Certificate!Touch typing has proved invaluable especially on the internet when many people still use one finger to type out a sentence, or comment on a normal keyboard...!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Thinker

File:The Thinker, Rodin.jpg

The Facebook Experience

For many years on a virtually daily basis I have been using Facebook essentially as a tool of research. It is an absolute goldmine of information which can be helpful in the development of my key projects of Transfinancial Economics, Multi-Dimensional Science, the Universal Debating Project, Contemporary Early Music, and other matters. It is ofcourse ideal for networking with people with similar interests.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Recalling Childhood Memories...

I do not have much of a memory at all of  childhood. But here is a listing of what I recall excluding the actual recall of being born, or reborn into the world physically which appears on another post on this blog site for anyone who is interested.

i)... Playing in a sandpit, and finding small plastic toys........ This must have been a nursery school of sorts. I believe someone called Dr Ruby had a connection with it, and probably informed mater that I was mentally retarded....which might explain everything!! Lol!

ii)... Waking up in the morning full of energy, and "bounce." I then left my room, and went to my parents bedroom whereupon I was nearly shot down by a plastic missile from a large toy gun from the bed. This was about Xmas time 1966, or thereabouts. I do not know why I should remember this! My pater was laughing hysterically at the time....

iii) ...Again filled with energy I awaited my mater to enter my bedroom to help me learn to read with a Janet and John book...

iv) ...I seem to recall crawling about, and lacking in confidence to actually stand up and move...I was a late developer as my mater would say.

v) .....At a special Dr Who Fair around 1965 I saw a dalek on a stage shoot in and out of its corner with great speed towards me. It was quite frightening...along with the Cybermen, et al.

vi)....I recall once going haywire as a child in Edinburgh Gardens which was next to where I lived in Windsor. It is a sort of a higher middle class housing estate. I had a mad temper tantrum, and suddenly, had a "fit" in which I started to tear flowers up from the communal garden. I could remember some resident shouting from the window to "Stop! Stop! Stop" what I was doing. I then desisted...

vii)....Saw the original showing with pater of 2001 film in London, but found it dead boring...and still do as an adult. I also went to the Fulmer Film Society and recalled notably seeing some of the original James Bond films before they were actually released to public starring  Sean Connery ofcourse.

viii) ....I remember many occasions looking after mater's shopping as she went around "for hours" browsing around clothes shops, and the like.

Conspiracy Theorists...........!

I have to say that I find conspiracy theorists usually tiresome, and I try to avoid them as far as I can. I remember on one occasion being...