Friday, 28 November 2014

"Re-visiting" The Orchard.

Robert Searle

The Orchard was mentioned in the previous post. It was my home at Stoke Poges which is near Slough, England. I gave two references to it in an article entitled Realization of the Psychic. I have taken the relevant (cached) excerpts in connection with it.

".............Many people have experienced synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences. I have two interesting examples though I have had many others of a less "extraordinary" nature. Odd as it may seem they were both connected with where I was living(1977-1990)which was Stoke Poges, a very posh area just outside Slough.

In around 1989 I was making enquiries about possibly interviewing Ma Yogashakti, a female guru for Yoga, and Healing magazine (which was later published with photographic material). My contact was with someone who worked at the School of Oriental, and African Studies at the University of London. She supplied me with much useful information, and asked me where I lived. I said Stoke Poges, and she claimed she used to live in Chesham which was fairly nearby. However, it also transpired that she actually had relatives at the Orchard (built in the Edwardian age) which was the house I was living in on Park Road with mater, and pater! Apparently, as a child she used to stay (or possibly lived there on, and off if my memory serves me well!) there, and as proof of these claims she presented some photocopies of old photographs from her family albums. This showed the Orchard as it was in the early part of the 20th century. She made the claim that this big house was also originally the place for high ranking military people from British India to stay temporarily when on leave.
The other "meaningful" coincidence involved a telephone conversation with someone from a metaphysical society based in Hastings. He claimed he could hear inner psychic sounds at a distance, and they reminded him of the poem by Thomas Gray known as the Elegy. I was amazed by this because he did not know that I was calling from Stoke Poges which was the place where it was possibly written! Indeed, there is an actual monument to the Elegy near to the Church where Thomas Gray is buried.."

The actress Judi Trott used to live next to me at the Orchard. Notably, she appeared as Maid Marrion in Robin of Sherwood. By "coincidence," her sister Sarah was at school with me at The Tutorials in Windsor.

Among other things, the Orchard had a bomb shelter. I recall mater claiming that she could feel a "cold spot" there denoting something negative, or tragic. Indeed, it was later discovered that a long time ago, a young man training to become a lawyer had shot himself..........

There is a link which shows an aerial, and a street level view of the kind of rich area in which I used to inhabit. However, I did not know a lot of the wealthy people in the area except through my gardening activities which may be "examined" in a future post on this blog.

Incidently, the Orchard can also be seen. It is a large white house. See the link below,-0.5883482,3a,75y,7.75h,82.34t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxYXp2JT3RmCSy4kckmTTXQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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