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A Composer in Slough

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I have met Tony Osborne on a number of occasions in Slough High Street, and have had some pleasant chit chats with him.

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Interviewed by David Heyes.

1) What first attracted you to the double bass and at what age did you begin lessons?
My brother played Bass and I followed. He encouraged me from the age of 9 to jam along with the regular jazz sessions in our house – joined by locals such as the late Randy Jones, on drums, who worked with Brubeck, and Keith Mansfield on Piano – who went on to compose themes such as Grandstand and Wimbledon.

2) Which teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on you?

My brother was a great inspiration from the start, and my father, a fine violinist, also. I did not have formal Bass lessons then, and took Cello lessons with Blyth Major, though I was busy playing Bass in anything and everything I could – shows, pub jazz nights, concerts. I appl…

The Cloned Selves..!

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For amusement I have reproduced myself .....via a harmless asexual method...

Robert Searle