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Recalling Sir Michael Shersby

For many years, I used to know Sir Michael Shersby, Conservative MP for Uxbridge and his family. I used to work for him in a garden just off Park Road, Stoke Poges. Like so many other people who knew, or met him, I found him to be very charming, and courteous.

Among other things, he pointed out to me that it was my statutory right to have  a break in my gardening work. Often, the break occurred in the  conservatory where we had some interesting chit chat along with pure coffee, and biscuits. His wife Barbara was usually present. Sometimes, his son Julian was also around. On rare occasions, there was a visitor such as Dominic West, the actor.

Working for Michael was a most pleasant experience, and difficult to express......

Just after he managed to win back his seat after the General Election of 1997 he died suddenly, and unexpectedly at his London Flat....Like everyone else who knew him I was in shock...

The following is a reproduction entry on him from Wikipedia plus photo....

From Wik…

Eton College

Eton, and Eton College is very close to where I live.  The latter is famous for having had many pupils who have gone onto to having very successful high flying careers.. Anyhow, in order to get to Windsor (from Chalvey where I live) I have to go through Eton.....This is a pleasant trip. To get to Windsor just takes under three quarters of an hour on foot...depending on fast one is travelling ofcourse. It was at Eton College back in the 1970s that I went to a lecture by David Fanshawe on his musical magnus opus of African Sanctus. He illustrated his presentation with relevant slides. It was intriguing. In the same decade  of the 70s I also heard  a talk  at the College about television sets and  the seeming fact that many of them were made using  plastic to very credibly imitate stonework, woodwork, certain furniture, et cetera..I was impressed. Towards the end of every year, the College has a Fair which can be very crowded, and interesting with an abundant supply of goods for sale.…

Windsor, and Windsor Castle

From around 1966 to 1977 I lived in Royal Windsor. The following are two links. One on the town, and the other on the famous Windsor Castle.


An aerial view of the castle: (l to r) the Lower Ward, the Middle Ward and Round Tower, the Upper Ward, with the Long Walk in the lower right hand corner......


From the year 1990 I have lived in Slough, and know its roads, and shops very well....The High Street has been my special haunt, and on occasion I have whistled many a tune!!


Chalvey is part of Slough, and is the place I live in at the time of writing this note. Not much about it appears in the Wikipedia  article but I have done a copy of it pasted below plus some other stuff.

There are quite a lot of Bulgarians, Romanians, and Polish people living in Chalvey. As it is part of Slough it also has a high proportion of Indians.

I live in a council flat nearly opposite St Peter's Church. The latter sometimes hosts jumble sales, and second-hand book sales......


St Peter's Church

The Legacy of Brian, and Wilma Rittershausen

Brian, and Wilma Rittershausen were relatives on my father's side. Back in around 1980, I went to their orchid nursery. It was quite fascinating, and I was escorted around by Wilma whom I got on very well with. Later, I saw Brian (her brother) at home, and he seemed a pleasant enough chap. Sadly, both brother, and sister are no longer with us...They died quite recently, but their legacy to the world of orchids lives on thankfully. The following is a basic account about them, and their work. However, it is in the present tense...but it gives a good basic insight into their world......RS

Brian and Wilma Rittershausen are the professional landscape designers in UK. They are the brother and sister pair in the field of flowering Orchids. Brain and Wilma Rittershausen have orchids in the blood. It has been their family occupation, knowing everything about Orchids. Orchid fascination has been continuing since three generations.
The Brian and Wilma Rittershausen family runs Burnham Nurse…