Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Birth Trauma

Around the turn of the 1970s I re-experienced something of my birth...or "rebirth" into this world. It took place in Spain. I was a child, and I had curled up into the foetal position on the back seat of my parents car.

Whilst sleeping, I entered into a "low" "sub-normal" state of conciousness...I was aware of being unable to move. I was having trouble breathing. Infact, I felt I was "suffocating".I was trapped in a confined space (ie. the womb). I could see the exit of the birth canal. Instead of a hospital I could see the backs of my parents in the front seat of the car. I was feeling increasingly terrified because of my "immobilisation". I tried to scream out several times....but they were mental screams...and thus, my parents could not hear me...

As this was happening I could hear music. It could have come from the car radio but I do not know. It was like military music of the 18th Century. My late mater was doing some research for a Spanish friend on the life of Sir John Moore who was killed at one of the battles of the Peninsula War at La Corunna. All this may be just coincidence...I remember too that my mater had "seen" Sir John Moore but this was probably a mental projection...

Sir John Moore by Sir Thomas Lawrence.jpg
Portrait, oil on canvas, of Sir John Moore
by Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769–1830) Ref Wikipedia

Anyway, my birth trauma experience seemed to go on for awhile, and thankfully it stopped, and I awoke to normal conciousness....I entered the world via Caesarian section, and lived to "tell the tale" so to speak!!

Long after this happened I had a lady friend who claimed she could remember her birth into this world. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she did not give any detail...

I believe that my birth trauma experience effected the early part of my life. Indeed, I believe that it may have stunted my early mental development. At the same time, as indicated in the Realization of the Psychic I believe it may have helped to initiate my early psychic experiences which largely disappeared in my later life.

Since I believe in reincarnation I hope that next time (if necessary ofcourse) my entrance into this world would be less traumatic. Also, I hope to return in female form. Alot of research into hypnotic regression seem to indicate that we can change sex to experience life from a different angle. It might also be an explanation for homosexuality, and bisexuality.

,,,,,Ofcourse, the above description is clearly reminiscent of sleep paralysis. However, there are certain aspects of the experiences which I have not divulged which clearly suggested that I had been re-living the birth trauma..

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