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The Clavicytherium....

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Image/Wikipedia I used to know someone called Alan Whear in Windsor. He used to have an instrument workshop behind the  barracks.  People, as they passed his place of business could see him working away on either creating a new instrument, or repairing old ones. He was brilliant craftsman But it was clear to me he was not really business minded, or else he could have gone far.

I remember once visiting him, and like myself had a weakness for early music. He even suggested to me that perhaps in the future I would have a consort just like David Munrow. However, my interests were more towards philosophy, mathematics, metaphysics, psychical research, mysticism, et cetera....These have since absorbed me since those early days but I still love early music and it still has impact on my life.

Anyway, I noticed in the local paper an article on Alan Whear whose pic was published holding his new creation.... a clavicytherium. Unfortunately, I cannot recal…

The Eigth Hundreth Anniversay of the Magna Carta, 1215/2015

Not far from where  I live there is a place called Runnymede. It is a pleasant place full of greenery. It was there that King John arrived from Windsor Castle in 2015 to "sign", or  more accurately to attach his Royal Seal to Magna Carta which would limit the powers of Kingship.

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Meeting Keith Bosley

Often, or not  when I was in Slough High Street I would "bump" into Keith Bosley. I have known him for a long while. I used to have long talks with him on literature, and classical music at his home. He is an interesting man, and his Finnish wife Satu is a professional harpist of note (so to speak!).

Keith is a notable local. One of his sons wrote a brief entry on him for Wikipedia.(See below photo, and link caption)

Ambassador Huhtaniemi and Keith Bosley
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Jump to: navigation, search Keith Bosley (born 1937) is a British poet and language expert. Bosley was born in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, grew up in Maidenhead, Berkshire. He was educated at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School in Marlow (1949 – 1956) and the Universities of Paris, Caen, and Reading (1956 – 1960), where he read French. In 1961 he began working for the BBC, mai…

The Longcare Scandal

Towards the very end of  the 1980s  I lived with my mater, and pater at a large house, called The Orchard in Stoke Poges. They were trying to sell the property.  The idea was suggested that to help facilitate selling The Orchard it could be sold to someone who could convert it into a care home. One potential buyer was a certain Gordon Rowe. He was already running a care home, and was invited to view our property. He, even had dinner with us. along with his lady friend called Angela. She was much younger than him. Personally, I was not particularly impressed with Rowe. He came across as a cold, and distant individual.....  Moreover, he later became involved in a serious scandal. What followed is revealed below.......

Longcare Survivors: Biography of a Care Scandal
16 August 2011 by Debbe Caulfield/Disability Cover page of Long Care Survivors - The Biography of a Care Scandal by John Pring
In the recently published 'Longcare Survivors', his hard-hitting follow-up to 'Silent…

The Windsor Fire.

In late 1992 Windsor Castle suffered a fire. I remember working in a garden in Wraysbury when I was told by the employer about it. She had heard it on the news, and a trail of smoke could just be seen afar. After I completed my chores,, I went through Datchet, and "posted" myself with some tourists on Datchet Bridge where we had a good view of the Windsor Fire. It was quite impressive in the darkness, and seemed a lot worse than it really was. The reason being was that the Fire reflected itself on the surrounding walls of the Castle, and gave a false impression of being far bigger than it really was. I gave a "potted" history of Windsor Castle to the tourists for some reason, or other. When I returned home to Slough  the Fire was the first item on the news. On the following day I  was opposite where it happened, and I went into a newsagents, and there saw the mainly aerial pics of Windsor Castle splashed across the newspapers. It was quite surreal.....


The Follo…