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Anatomy of Thoughts

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Back in the early 1980s I used to attend the Slough Writers Group. I would on occasion read out some of my manuscripts which notably included a historical novel called Hearts in Thorns (formerly entitled The Devils Dance), and a comedy about psychic research...which caused some merriment. The former was about a power struggle saga between rich nobles in late 14th Century England. It was purely fictional but with accurate period detail based on research which I had been undertaking. This novel opened with a dramatic duel which held my small audience in thrall.

The SWG attracted a small range of interesting people which included Chris Webb the poet postman who published his stuff in the local paper. Another notable was Alan Taylor a charming old boy type who had published books on DIY. He even gave me a signed copy of his paperback opus on Garden Construction. Arthur Nicklin was a prolific freelance writer for various magazines including Prediction as he had some interest in occult matters. He was a fascinating man, and I used to drive him back home after a SWG meeting. The last time I saw him in the flesh was in the high street in Slough. He was gathering information about healers by interviewing them for a book. Whether this opus came to anything is another matter. However, one of the SWG group a lawyer by trade had published a book on witchcraft in the local area if my memory serves me correctly.

Anyway, enough nostalgic rambling!

It was around this time that I began to develop a questionaire about thought structure, and contents of the human mind. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of it. But I can give some idea of the questions presented....

1. Do your thoughts appear visual most of the time?

2. If you close your eyes, and see an image what is the appearance of its surrounds. Is it fuzzy? Is it grainy? Is it firelike? etc

3. Does the surround of your image change, or not? If so, what shape manifests itself?

4. Do you feel thoughts as images enter different points of the human body? Do your thoughts of love for example enter the heart area? Do mainly intellectual
thoughts enter the top the cetera.

5. Do you sense thoughts sometimes enter your head as if they were "disembodied" energies? (Here, the notion is like question 4) For example, people sometimes say that a thought just struck them, or it just came into their mind out of the blue...and so on.

The above are just some examples of the thoughts questionaire.

A member of the SWG called Miss Portsmouth actually undertook answering the questions. She found it very interesting, and incidently, she was studying psychology! She gave some intriguing answers but unfortunately I do not have a record of it.

In occult circles "thoughts are things". I recall once doing a telepathic experiment with a friend. The latters thought with the actual word sent was seen by my minds eye as it flashed into my head.

I recall too when I was in a watch repair workshop which was close to East Berks College in Windsor that I was gaining a strong mental rapport with a friend, Steven Stroud. All of a sudden I was aware for a few seconds of a coloured "field" of energy connecting me with him in a kind of telepathic link.

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