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Windsor Ghosts.....

A long time ago, I saw a ghost of a Victorian Vagrant in my bedroom as a child at my Windsor home. The following is from The Realization of the Psychic, and is followed by an article on Windsor Ghosts in general...

Ghosts have been reported all over the world. Evidence seems to suggest that most of them are probably replays of minor, or major happenings of the past.Usually, they are of a tragic nature. Strong negative emotions seem to impose themselves most easily onto the ether unlike positive uplifting ones.
My own personal experience occured in around 1968 in a house which had just been built in Windsor, Berkshire. I awoke one night, and felt an unnatural clammy coldness even though it was very still summer night. At the bottom of my bed I saw the form of a man dressed in Victorian garb (a "vagrant"). He looked perfectly solid. I froze with terror, and just stared at him. The "phantom" or whatever it was merely stood totally stationary for a short while. He was dressed in a large brown shabby overcoat that looked a bit dusty.He had a matching top-hat, and the shade of its rim covered his eyes. He seemed to have a scarf around his neck. Quite mechanically his large form turned around, and displayed a suprising array of different coloured patches on the back of his coat. At the same time,I could hear the crackle of electricity. This was a low sound but it was distinct. Slowly, but surely he moved towards the corner of the room. As he started to gently fade away into the night(quite literally!) I noted that parts of the furthest edge of his coat were vibrating furiously, and then, disappearing. Here, I stress the word "parts" as the whole form did not become a vibrating mass of energy... This, along with the crackling of electricity as he turned, plus the initial clammy coldness indicated that such phenomenon have some kind of mechanics yet to be comprehended by science.

I have to admit too that on very rare occasions I sometimes saw the static outline of figures. Whether this was purely a trick of the mind is impossible to say with certainty. They seemed to be aborted materializations. In one instance of a similiar phenomenon, I saw the shadow silhouette of a profile of a mans face at the bottom of my bedroom door. It could have come from the light outside but there was no one there! Moreover, it was totally still for a very long time, and seemingly inexplicable.Ofcourse, none of this compares with the materialized phantom of the Windsor apparition I saw so many moons ago...Morever, that "phantom" was not some replay from the past but rather an "astral shell". In other words, there was no intelligent life in it as we would understand it.

There is a strange footnote to this spectral materialization. I experienced the same clammy coldness (acting as a warning?) twice just before I saw two fatal road accidents. The most horrendous of which was the one up in the mountains of the Pyrennees in Spain. In my parents car I saw a huge lorry which was about to tip over the edge of a cliff. A vehicle had rammed into it, and a man in a white shirt hung out of it covered in blood. A priest was present presumably giving the last rites. A woman who was pinned into the back seat next to the dead man was understandably hysterical. A man in a suit lay on the road but no obvious trace of blood, and yet, somehow I knew he was dead. After I saw all that I stuck my head out of my parents car, and vomited. No child, or adult should have to see something like that...


Windsor Castle is without doubt one of the most spectacular castles in Britain, if not the world. Many famous ghosts have been reported haunting the castle, including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and a demonic horned being that brings death to all that see it.
It has been a Royal residence since the reign of William I in the 11th century. In the 13th century the castle was rebuilt by Edward III, and further improvements have been made by successive monarchs. The castle is almost one mile in circumference and is the largest in Britain. Since it was built, the Castle has been embroiled in legends of suicide, witchcraft and demonic ghosts. The list of ghostly sightings reported at the Castle is huge.
Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

One of the most famous ghosts reported at the Castle is that of King Henry VIII. Guests staying at the castle have reported hearing the king's footsteps along the long hallways of the Castle. Some have even claimed to hear moans and groans coming from the hallway. One of his wives, Anne Boleyn, has been seen standing at the window in the Dean's Cloister.

Queen Elizabeth I is said to haunt the Royal Library and has been seen by several members of the Royal family. The sounds of her high heels are heard on bare floorboards, before her imposing figure appears and passes through the library and into an inner room. She has also been seen standing at the window in the Dean's Cloister. She is always dressed in a black gown with a black lace shawl draped over her shoulders.

There is a demonic horned being said to bring death and disease to those who are unfortunate enough to see it, especially the Royal family. Other legends tell of witchcraft and suicide.
The Demonis Horned Being
The Demonic Horned Being

In the last 250 years, hundreds of people have claimed to have seen the spirit of Herne the Hunter, who was the favourite huntsman of King Richard II. He is often seen accompanied by his pack of hounds, careering across the Great Park searching for lost souls.

The story is that Herne was one of the Royal keepers in the time of King Richard II (1367-1400). Herne had two large black hounds and was hated by the other keepers because of his great skill. One evening King Richard was hunting a stag in the grounds of Windsor Park, but the stag turned on him and he would have been killed if Herne hadn't stood between the enraged animal and Richard.

However, Herne was fatally wounded and fell to the ground. At this point a strange dark man appeared and said he could cure Herne. Richard asked him to go ahead and the dark man cut the stag's head off and put it on Herne's body. The Dark Man then took Herne away to his hut on Bagshot Heath some miles away, to complete the cure. The King was so grateful to Herne that he swore that if Herne recovered he would make him his chief keeper.

The other keepers disliked Herne so much that they wished that he would die. The Dark Man overheard them and offered them a bargain - if they would grant him the first request he made, he would ensure that, though Herne would recover, he would lose all his hunting skills. They agreed and everything happened as the Dark Man said. Herne was so distraught at the loss of his skill that he found a mighty oak in Windsor Park and hanged himself from it. Instantly, his body disappeared.

The other keepers weren't happy for long though, because they too lost all their hunting abilities. They found the Dark Man and asked him to help them. He said that if they went to the oak the following night, they would have a solution to their problem. When they went to the Oak, the spirit of Herne appeared to them. He told them to go and fetch his hounds and horses for a chase.

This they did and when they returned, Herne took them to a Beech tree. There he invoked the Dark Man who burst from the tree in a shower of sparks and flame. His first request of the unfortunate keepers was that they form a band for Herne the Hunter. Bound by their oath, they had to swear allegiance to Herne. After that, night after night, they hunted through the forests.

The ghostly hunt's approach is presaged by flashes of lightning, wind in the tree tops, the rattling of chains and tolling of bells and the terrible din of a pack of dogs in mad pursuit. As the legend goes, if you hear the baying of the ghostly hounds in the sky, run away, because if they catch you, you too will be forced to follow Herne and his Wild Hunt, ranging across the night skies for eternity.

In the early 1860's the tree from which Herne was found hanging, was cut down, and Queen Victoria kept the oak logs for her fire "To help kill the ghost". Her plan didn't work however.

King Charles I has often been seen in the library and the Canon's house. Although he was beheaded during the English Revolution, his ghost is seen as a whole. It is reported that he looks exactly like his portraits.
The Floor Plan of Windsor Castle
The Floor Plan of Windsor Castle

King George III had many bouts with mental deterioration. During these times he was kept out of the public's eye. He has been seen looking out the windows located below the Royal Library, where he was confined during the recurrence of his illness.

Sir George Villiers, The first Duke of Buckingham, is said to haunt one of the bedrooms of Windsor castle.

The Deanery is haunted by a young boy who shouts, "I don't want to go riding today". It is probably his footsteps which are heard in the same building.

The 'Prison Room' in the Norman Tower is haunted, possibly by a former Royalist prisoner from Civil War times. Children playing there have seen him and adults have felt him brush past.

Ghostly footsteps are often heard on the staircase in the Curfew Tower. On one occasion, the bells began to swing on their own while the temperature became distinctly chilly.

In 1873, a night-time visitor to the castle noticed an interesting new statuary group had been erected near St. George's Chapel: three standing figures, all in black, and a fourth crouching down. The central standing character was in the act of striking with a large sword. The sentry knew nothing of this artwork and when the visitor returned to re-examine it, it had gone!
The Long Walk
The Long Walk

Many spirits haunt the Long Walk, one of whom is a young Grenadier Guard who shot himself while on duty there in the 1920s. During his guard watch, he saw marble statues moving "of their own accord." He was seen by at least two of his colleagues, immediately after his death.eneral article on Windsor Ghosts...



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