Friday, 27 March 2015

Mediaeval Baebes, and the James Whale Show

Back in circa 1997 I heard on the news at Talk Sport Radio the emergence of the Mediaeval Baebes. Later on it transpired that James Whale was to have them on his show. It was a first for him, and for Talk Sport, if I recall rightly. His show was a phone-in, and I was the first to engage with one, or more of the Medieaval Baebes.

I briefly mentioned among things about David Munrow being the greatest populariser of early music. However, I got the distinct impression that they did not seem to know, or appreciate him. The reason why possibly was because many of them were probably too young to know anything about him. The same thing seemed to happen when I complimented a Madrigal group made up of young females in Windsor high street

Anyway, on the radio I tried to attract the Baebes attention to certain early music groups notably the Clemencic Consort, and Ensemble Unicorn as being good examples of colourful interpretations of medieval music.

James Whale asked me whether it mattered if old music especially the sacred stuff should be "jazzed up", and popularized as this seemed to offend some people. I said it did not as far as I was concerned.

However, my little natter ended on the air when Whale induced me to hum some medieval music down the phone. This activated the so-called Nutter Alert, and I was cut off! However, I had quite a long chat with the Mediaeval Baebes...and good luck to them!


The above comes from the David Munrow Forum of which I am the main contributor.. As for James Whale, and his Show I used to listen to it quite often in the late 1990s. I was especially interested in some of his unusual guests such as the Reverse Speech expert David Oates, Nick Pope, UFO expert, Robert Temple, noted author of the Sirius Mystery, Derek Acorah, the famous medium (who did regular readings for listeners on the Show), David Icke (!), Timothy Good, and the like. Also, I contacted the Show on a number of occasions.

Incidently, I should have mentioned Uri Geller. Originally, James Whale had doubts about his mental bending "phenomena," until a spoon mysteriously started to bend by itself without Geller's direct help! Many people phoned in to ring about their experiences of mental bending...with, or without human contact. This usually happened when Geller was in the studio.

Apart from James Whale, I used to listen on occasion  to a Show hosted by George Galloway.

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