Thursday, 19 April 2018

Indian Cuisine

For me Indian cuisine is far more superior to bland English food. It has an unrivalled richeness, and character rarely found anywhere else on the globe. My favourite dishes are saag aloo (spinach/potato curry especially with coriander mixed in) punjabi choley (a chickpea curry in thick sauce), dal (lentil curry with a good quantity of chilli), and masala dosa (a savoury pancake in which mashed spiced potato is placed inside along with two or small dishes containing "sauces").

Incidently, indian sweets, or ladoos can unfortunately be "too sweet" for the palate. Indeed, they can often taste of  sugar, and nothing else. There is even a diabetic version..which I never ever yet!

Over many years I have frequented in Slough, and elsewhere in many Indian cafes, and restaurants. Sometimes, products such as samosas have red markings created by chilli powder indicating that they are meat! Being vegetarian I make sure I do not touch them.

In London notably there are quite a number of genuine pure vegetarian restaurants. These are not always easy to find outside the capital, but they exist, and are worth a visit...especially with friends.

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