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Two Gurdwaras and a Hindu Temple

The Two Gurdwaras

On occasion I go to the Gurdwara, or Sikh Temple.  There I have langar, or free kitchen (ie free food spiritually blessed). The Gurdwara I refer to here is the Siri Guru Singh Sabha in Slough. It is there also that I may go upstairs to pay respects to the Guru Granth Sahib which is the Sikh Holy Scripture. This  Book is also regarded as the Living Guru of Sikhism. However, the Sikhs had a line of Ten Gurus culminating in Guru Gobind Singh. He instituted the Guru Granth Sahib as the Living Master. When  I am upstairs in the Gurdwara I naturally enough give a small donation, and meditate upon It. Quite often, depending on one's sensitivity to energies of higher conciousness can be experienced. Simran, or repetition of holy phrases also acts as a means of concentration. Though the Granth Sahib is not a Living Human Master it does infact radiate power. Indeed, Guru, or "God" is ultimately existing in all life whether it might appear "inanimate" or not.


The other Gurdwara which is closer to where I live in Chalvey is known as the Ramarghia Gurdwara which is much bigger than the one above. I go there on Sundays for langar, but do not visit the Guru upstairs as there is alot of festive activity, and hence, noise. This is not good for meditation..However, this dies down later ofcourse.


The Hindu Temple

Unlike the two Sikh Gurdwaras, the Hindu Temple, or Slough Mandir  is far closer to where I live. I have been to some of their events, and had free kitchen, or langar. Sometimes, they have Reiki healing, or meditation/yoga classes. On occasions a guru may visit, and give discourse.

Apparently, it is claimed that several decades ago the Slough Mandir was the first purpose built Hindu Temple to be constructed in Britain.

PS I failed to mention the Maneyo Gurdwara which is on the trading estate. It is absolutely massive...


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