Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Eton College

Eton, and Eton College is very close to where I live.  The latter is famous for having had many pupils who have gone onto to having very successful high flying careers..
Anyhow, in order to get to Windsor (from Chalvey where I live) I have to go through Eton.....This is a pleasant trip. To get to Windsor just takes under three quarters of an hour on foot...depending on how fast one is travelling ofcourse.
It was at Eton College back in the 1970s that I went to a lecture by David Fanshawe on his musical magnus opus of African Sanctus. He illustrated his presentation with relevant slides. It was intriguing. In the same decade  of the 70s I also heard  a talk  at the College about television sets and  the seeming fact that many of them were made using  plastic to very credibly imitate stonework, woodwork, certain furniture, et cetera..I was impressed.
Towards the end of every year, the College has a Fair which can be very crowded, and interesting with an abundant supply of goods for sale. The proceeds go to charity.


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