Thursday, 17 May 2018

A Case of Mistaken Identity

The following happened a long while ago. I was told that someone in Peascod Street Windsor  used to whistle "tunes". Apparently, he looked very much like myself, and was "blind". So, I decided to go, and see him...and I did but though his appearance was similar to mine his "musical" whistling (which I am well-known for in Slough) was appalling at the time I heard it. It had no rhyme, or rhythm.

Anyway, later in the early evening I was near Windsor Bridge, and I was met by a group of young "rowdies" (probably drunk) who shouted that I was the whistler in Peascod Street, and they realized now that I was not actually blind!! They then threw a few coppers at me, and became increasingly aggressive, and nasty...I insisted vainly that I was not the same person they saw earlier on...Fortunately, things did not degenerate into a physical assault, and I managed somehow to get away from them.

Several years forward...I was just leaving the old Slough Library whistling away, and a woman came up to me. She thanked me for me whistling a certain choral tune in Windsor as it gave her great comfort on the day she went to her father's funeral. I informed her that I was not the same person she had seen, but someone who "looked" like me.

Ofcourse, this all shows how this example of mistaken identity can easily occur. It can have potentially serious consequences  if someone innocent for example is accused of some serious crime(s)....

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