Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Spotting Famous People...

As with most other people,  I have over the years seen a number of famous people, and I include the key ones here.

Roger Moore

I saw this famed actor at a fete in a noted Windsor girls school. I was hoping to get his autograph! When Moore completed his "speech" he opened the fete, and the school girls started rushing towards him this insane melee I attempted foolishly to get his signature, and ofcourse ended up with a squiggle!

Ian Mc Caskill

He was a well-known tv weather forecaster. When I was in a book shop in snobby old Gerrards Cross (Gerrards X) I raised my head above a pile of publications. As I did so I saw a another face opposite me grinning from ear to ear with glasses on. I recognized him instantly...I was tempted to ask him what the weather would be like today...!!?

George Cole

He was a well-known English actor. I saw him sitting against the brick wall that divided a funeral home, and St Mary's Church in Slough. He was absorbed in animated conversation with someone unknown. I had hoped to engage with him, but I did not disrupt the proceedings. George Cole was doing a scene for the noted Minder television series if I recall correctly. I always admired his manner, and pananche as the "dodgy" businessman on that programme...

Billy Connolly

This noted hairy, and bearded comedian used to live in Windsor. I used to see him there sometimes in the High Street usually near a bustop! I used to smile at him in silent recognition, and he too smiled back. I never exchanged polite words with him.

Nicholas Witchell

He is a noted newsreader, and I saw him at Paddington Station. I did try to talk to him but it did not work out...Famous people must get irritated with members of the public trying to attract their attention. But there you are.....that is the price of fame...

At present, I cannot recall anyone else who I  have seen who might be deemed well-known (apart from the Queen of England!). I just did the above piece for a bit of "trivia"...RS

Sir Roger Moore 3.jpg

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