Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Huguenot Connection

My mater claimed Huguenot ancestry. She, and along with pater (plus myself) used to go a Society in London dedicated to research into this subject. This involved a dinner, and a "lecture" by some academic on some aspect of the Huguenots. This took place in a vaulted underground chamber if my memory serves me right.

The Poynton Millions...

I once recall my mater claiming that she heard through the grapevine that her ancestors were notably two Huguenot brothers who fell out over religion, and each went their own way. The profits from their business went to chancery, and were referred to as the Poynton Millions. Unfortunately, no record of such a fortune exists ....

The Elderly Lady

Also, I used to know someone who was related to the same Huguenot family ancestry as mater. She was a somewhat emaciated spinster, and lived on her London if I recall correctly. I always remembered her face. She had a distinctly oval shaped one, and her wide eyes were likewise, and staring with their strange haunted look. Her grey silvery hair was very neatly combed back into a small bun just above the base of her skull. Her cheeks were hollow, and she had long aquiline-like nose. I have to confess as a child I never liked her, and she hardly talked at all. At her death, mater revealed that she suffered a number of frightening hallucinations before she actually left the body. Maybe she had a very bad conscience about having done something very wrong in the past? It is best not to know....

Famous massacre of the Huguenots in Paris

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