Thursday, 17 May 2018

Bedsitter Land

In 1990 I left the Orchard a big house in Park Road, Stoke Poges. I was also given by my parents the old large Renault Estate car which served me well...until an unfortunate accident occurred in Windsor. I was now for the first time in my life set "adrift" so to  speak as I  no longer lived in my parents' home (ie. the Orchard which had been sold as they moved to Oxford).

I managed to find a room...a very large one in Farnham Common. I was starting to set up work as a jobbing gardener. Later, I decided to find new digs in Slough which was in King Edward's Street in Chalvey in Slough. But I was not there long, and went elsewhere again very, very briefly as the following reveals...


I rang up a woman and was invited to see her room for rent in the Wexham part of Slough. This I did. She seemed very pleasant...and I accepted the room on the spot. I paid my deposit, and then, she sat on my bed, and told me she was in her forties, and Welsh, and wanted to marry me! This sudden proposal took me aback. I said to her that I did not know her. I only regarded her as my landlord, or rather landlady...The following day I left without any kind of physical contact of the "base" kind.

The Zimbabwean Girls

Soon after the above occurred I found a new room...a very small one, and very cheap. The property itself belonged to a Pakistani taxi-man. There was also a  Zimbabwean girl called Zara (not her real name ofcourse) who also rented a room. She was charming, and highly intelligent...a quality I find most attractive, and desirable in the female sex. Anyway, she intended to become a lawyer, and was studying at the time. She also had a black friend Tina.  This lady was also attractive, and by mistake I said she was a  black beauty!! I forgot this was the title of a famous book called Black Beauty (about a horse!) which she later discovered, and scolded me for...! Incidently, Zara was trying  to act as a match maker by trying to get me married to Tina. But this was not to be.

The Bahraini Family

For many months the house in which I lived in as a tenant was "invaded" by a Bahraini family. I found them utterly charming, and got on very well with them. The head of family would sometimes dress in the traditional Arabic garb including the famous headdress. He was called Muhammad, and he was very rotund...He was staying in Britain because his son had to receive specialist treatment at Wexham Hospital for serious burns..These burns were the outcome of a serious accident with a barbecue in Bahrain.

Getting Married!?

One person I came across asked me if for £1000 I would marry someone whom I had not met, or seen before. The answer was an unequivocal no. It was ofcourse an attempt to get someone illegally into the UK...No way would I do such a thing.

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