Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Oxford Experience

Whilst I stayed in Slough my parents lived in Oxford, or rather just on the "outskirts". Initially, pater had left Stoke Poges in 1990 because he was expecting to work with a business partner in a disused marmalade factory...of all places. But as soon as he, and mater got to Oxford the proposal fell through. Anyway, they had bought a bungalow on Cumnor Hill which apparently is popular for bird watchers.

From 1990 to 2005 I used to visit my parents up "north".  At first, I found Oxford rather overwhelming to put it mildly. But over the years I got to like it. I visited my parent generally during the Christmas Holidays which were very pleasant, and this sometimes involved visits from a few friends in the area. Another reason I went there was during the periods when  my parents were on holiday, and thus needed someone to keep an eye on things. My duty then was among other things notably to look after the pedigree Burmese cats..!They were fun to play with...

My parents home on Cumnor Hill was also filled with antiques of one sort, or another. My mater was keen on them, and used to sell them on stalls at fairs now, and again. She was also unbeatable at scrabble, but towards the end of her life she became increasing withdrawn from the world.

There is just one "tale" I would like to add. When I  was staying at the bungalow I was looking through some old books. I then felt something inside the cover of one of them. It turned out to be a £50 note! I also discovered more, and more of them in the other books...! This is not something that happens everyday...

Oxford around the turn of the 20th Century with its sleepy spires. Incidently, I visited Cambridge once, but was not overly impressed by it.

File:High Street, Oxford, England, 1890s.jpg

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