Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Tutorials

The Tutorials was a private school in the 1970s. I was very fortunate to have attended it. It was based in a large "private" house in Clarence Road, Windsor,  and was run by Mr Blundell who acted as the headmaster. I always found him a bit eccentric. His name too seemed somewhat Dickensian. Apparently, he had among other things a large train set in the school.. but I do not recall seeing it.

There were obviously a number of teachers whose names I can just remember such as Mrs Morris (geography), Mr Young (mathematics/physics), Mrs Shaw, and Mrs Doughty (french)....In  the case of Mrs Shaw her husband knew my pater. Mr Shaw used to run the local art society, and seemed to specialize in water colours.

Another teacher whose name I recall was Brian Edgar. It transpires he was half Chinese, and half Portugese. He seemed to have a sharp brain, and taught history, and english literature if I remember rightly. Indeed, he contacted me via the wonder of the internet thirty odd years later. We had an exchange of emails. One thing he mentioned was that he knew Beryl Whitely who lived next to me at 76 King's Road, Windsor, and visited her on occasion.

There are a number of pupils whose names I recall....such as Adrian Sarnay (who used to sit next to me), James Deacon, Sarah Trott, Christine Newman, Kevin So, and so on...

All in all my time at the Tutorials was very pleasant. A happy civilized part of my life.

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