Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Old Royal Free School at Bachelor's Acre in Windsor

From the late sixties to around the start of the seventies I used to go the Royal Free School in Bachelor's Acre in Windsor. The headmaster there was a certain Mr. Evans if I recall correctly..and he would use the slipper if anyone misbehaved. Fortunately, I was always well behaved, and never experienced this kind of punishment!!

Bachelor's Acre at that time was "tarmacked" and half of it was designated as parking space. The other half was ofcourse the playground, and I always remember Mrs Sellars who had a child with her who had Down's Syndrome.

I recall that the school rooms were very airy, and spacious. I remember  the art teacher who was much taken by my artistic talents, and I enjoyed doing pictures with a historical theme to them. I even had the odd school exhibition in which I showed off my art work.

There was a large PE hall. I used to love clambering up, and down the wooden frames that lined the walls.

I seem to recall now that the dinner room used to be above the PE Hall if I am not mistaken. The food was quite good. One thing I seem to remember there was that there was a wall painting of a line of houses decorating it in full, or in part.

Sadly, the Royal Free School of Bachelor's Acre no longer exists in its original form. There is though another school of the same name but is located elsewhere. Indeed, I did go there very briefly until around 1972, or so but later was transferred to a private school in Clarence Road, Windsor. It was there that I made greater academic progress...

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